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New York is one of my favourite places - it is one of the few places where I come back to London and feel I might prefer it (Sorry London! I still love you!).

New York has the same elements I love about London but takes it to the next levels - the communities have strong identities and the attitude is bigger - the bridges take 20 minutes to cross and the madness level is increased. Manhattan is beautiful and the other boroughs contain lives full angst and drive. 

I try to go to New York every year at the moment - might not be able to stick to it but I always love to take photographs there. I was lucky enough to meet some gorgeous model and shoot on the streets.

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Travel Photography Editorial - Eliza photography in Berlin 2019

Here are some shots with Eliza, a dancer from the UK who moved to Berlin this year - she came to chase the artistic dream. We had an hour in Kottbuser Tor, a Turkish and artist area of the city, and we shot as the sun went down. I was in Berlin to film a documentary for Barcroft who often send me to places.  This doc will be out soon. This is why it is nice to be a photographer.

A wonderiful person and a joy to shoot. See more on the Editorial pages of this website. 


My recent work with Jasmyn, photographed in Vauxhall, where we spent the morning walking around the area and snapping as we talked. I particularly like the red dress shots. I used a Canon 6d Mark ii for the photography and an FS5 for the video. 

Jasmyn is an all round creative and dabbles in modelling once in a while. She was wonderful to chat to and we tried a few wide angle shots. The FS5 is a great camera for super slow motion - which sometimes I over use but I just love how people look when you change the time frame of a motion - a movement becomes something else entirely and you can take peoplel in at a calmer rate.

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