Shooting Film - a lockdown rediscovery

portra 400 fashion shoot in forest

During lockdown, I rediscovered an old love of mine, film photography. It’s been a journey that has had it’s ups and down, with film drying in the bathroom over a leaking tap and a stream of old cameras that all had their faults. I’ve dedicated myself to it though and spent a huge amount of money on Portra 400 and finally seem to have the knack much more.

For my own shoots, I think I will find it hard to go back to digital, especially now I am using a medium format camera. It fills me with confusion sometimes, as digital can be a much easier process and much cheaper. There are times with film where I struggle with pushing the exposures if I need to and I think, “just go back to digital, Marcus” but naaaaa, I’m not going to.

When I shoot digital, I find I get trigger happy, I don’t wait for that perfect shot, I just snap and take a lot and find myself going through 3,000 pictures from a 3 hour shoot.

Also, for street photography, I never ever got on with digital, it felt like you never caught the romance of the image, you just took a straight forward account of what you saw. I never liked digital street photography. I find myself walking now with my Olympus OM10  around London, just focused on buildings and people. I love it.

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